ISBN (Hardback): 978-1-938158-19-3
Steven E. Wallis

Published: 2021

Steven E. Wallis received his Ph.D. from Fielding Graduate University in 2006. His academic work focuses on “theory of theory” where he is pioneering insights and tools to support scholars as they create increasingly efficacious theory. Steve’s interdisciplinary interests span the social sciences. He is engaged in studies of organizational theory, collaborative human systems, knowledge management, and others. Dr. Wallis has ten years of experience as an independent consultant in Northern California. There, in a variety of industries, he supports consultants, trainers, and leaders on issues related to collaboration, communication, succession planning, creativity, organizational change, and knowledge management.

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0 Steven E. Wallis Introduction: Evolving thinking around the systemic structure of knowledge
1 Steven E. Wallis A Study of Complex Adaptive Systems Theory as Defined by Organizational Scholar-Practitioners
2 Steven E. Wallis From Reductive to Robust—Seeking the Core of Complex Adaptive Systems Theory
3 Steven E. Wallis Validation of Theory—Exploring and Reframing Popper’s Worlds
4 Steven E. Wallis The Complexity of Complexity Theory—An Innovative Analysis
5 Steven E. Wallis Toward a Science of Metatheory
6 Steven E. Wallis The Structure of Theory and the Structure of Scientific Revolutions—What Constitutes an Advance in Theory?
7 Steven E. Wallis How to Choose Between Policy Proposals—A Simple Tool Based on Systems Thinking and Complexity Theory
8 Steven E. Wallis Existing and Emerging Methods for Integrating Theories Within and Between Disciplines
9 Steven E. Wallis,
Bernadette Wright
Strategic Knowledge Mapping—The Co-Creation of Useful Knowledge
10 Steven E. Wallis The Science of Conceptual Systems—A Progress Report
11 Steven E. Wallis Abstraction and Insight—Building Better Conceptual Systems to Support More Effective Social Change
12 Steven E. Wallis Orthogonality—Developing a Structural/Perspectival Approach for Improving Theoretical Models
13 Steven E. Wallis Understanding and Improving the Usefulness of Conceptual Systems—An IPA Based Perspective on Levels of Structure and Emergence
14 Steven E. Wallis Evaluating and Improving Theory Using Conceptual Loops—A Science of Conceptual Systems (SOCS) Approach
15 Steven E. Wallis Commentary on Roth—Adding a Conceptual Systems Perspective