Book Authors

As well as providing support for our journal E:CO, our WordPress-based content management system and book packaging services are also available to book authors.  Book chapters can be uploaded, developed, and reviewed much like journal articles.  This provides an efficient and effective means for authors, and their co-authors, to work on their chapters and seek input from a wide range of potential reviewers.  All this is done behind the scenes and any activity is only accessible by (co)authors.

Once all the chapters are ready and electronic version can be quickly packaged and made available for sale via our store.  The electronic version will ensure that the authors’ work can be readily distributed across a range of devices for easy access, including tablets, e-readers and smart phones.  An ISBN-referenced print version can also be quickly created from the e-version, and made available again through our store,  but also through any reputable book distributor such as Amazon and Barnes & Nobel.

For more information on Emergent Publications’ Book Publishing services please contact