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Øyvind Vada

Institution: Memetor

City: London

Country: ENG

Øyvind was a specialist in organizational theory, economics and communication, and CEO who led numerous prestigious companies to success, and was one of four executives in the Scandinavian consumer electronic group Elkjop when it was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. It was bought a few years later at eight times its original stock value. Vada's next move was to become CEO of IT startup Mogul Media, leading the profitable growth of the company until its listing on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. He has been on the board of The Norwegian Investor Forum, the European Movement and Brussels-based research group ECCO, which focuses on emergence and evolution in organizations. At Memetor, he was engaged in all aspects of the business, from concept design and client acquisition to delivery, train-the-trainer and co-creating the strategy that was the backbone of the company. He spoke at TEDx Oslo and many other conferences and was a charismatic and engaging speaker. He was committed to life-long learning, studying for his PhD at the University of Brussels (VUB) and following his creative passions through theater and improvisation. He passed away in May 2015 after a battle with cancer and is honored and missed by many.

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