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Professor Tatiana Medvedeva

Institution: Siberian State University of Transport

Department: World Economy and Law

City: Novosibirsk

Country: Russia

Tatiana Medvedeva is an Associate Professor in the Department of World Economy and Law at Siberian State University of Transport, Novosibirsk, Russia. At her university she is a former Director of the Scientific and Practical Center for Business and Management and a former Vice-Director of the Institute for Prospective Transport Technologies and Training of Human Resources. She does consulting with managers of Russian enterprises. On two occasions she was a visiting scholar at Georgetown University and George Washington University in Washington, DC. She received a diploma in economic cybernetics from Novosibirsk State University and a kandidatskaya degree (Ph.D) in economics from Moscow State University. She is now working on her doctorskaya degree at the latter university. Most of her scientific writings concern the economics of transitions and change management, including the changes in values, beliefs, and institutions now occurring in the post-communist countries. She has published papers in several systems and cybernetics journals and made presentations at conferences in East and West Europe, Russia, and the USA.

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