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Prof Liz Varga

Institution: Cranfield University

Department: Cranfield School of Management

City: Cranfield

State: Milton Keynes

Country: ENG

Liz Varga, Chair in Complex Infrastructure Systems, is Director of the Complex Systems Research Centre (CSRC), Cranfield School of Management (SoM), Cranfield University. Liz’s research focuses on explaining the economic, social, and environmental outcomes of interactions and interdependencies within critical infrastructure systems, i.e., energy, transport, water and waste, and telecommunications systems. Her skills are in creating abstractions of real-world systems, recognizing emergent phenomena and co-evolutionary effects, together with measurable systemic metrics, and working in trans-disciplinary environments. Using mixed methods approaches, embracing big data, and leading the design of computational agent-based models, the consequences of social behaviors, political interventions, and technological potentials are examined at multiple scales and assessed for impact upon resilience and adaptation and toward normative scenarios. She has over 60 publications and has been research investigator on 10 Research Councils UK and European Commission projects.

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