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Professor Iain Walker

Institution: University of Canberra

Department: Discipline of Psychology

City: Bruce

State: ACT

Country: Australia

I am a social psychologist. My research has a strong emphasis on the application of social psychology to problems such as intergroup relations (including prejudice and racism), sustainability, climate change, water and energy conservation, and modelling human-ecosystem processes. This research is primarily concerned with understanding and engaging with processes of social and environmental change. Behind this is a broader concern with developing a better theoretical understanding of sociality and the interplay between theory and practice. Much of my research, especially over the last decade, has been interdisciplinary. I am presently a Professor of Psychology and Head of the School of Psychology and Counselling at the University of Canberra. Previously I worked (2009-2016) as a Senior Principal Research Scientist at the CSIRO, where I also served as Research Program Leader for the Social and Economic Sciences Program (2013-2014) and Research Group Leader for the Social and Behavioural Sciences Group (2009-2013). Prior to that, I worked at Murdoch University. Murdoch gave me my first academic job as a lecturer, straight out of graduate school (at the University of California, Santa Cruz). I served there as Head of the School of Psychology, as Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

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