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Geoff Lightfoot

My current research is wide-ranging but may perhaps be broadly grouped around the exploration of aspects of representation and markets. This takes in several lines of enquiry. One strand, for example, includes deconstructing narratives of entrepreneurship and of trading (particularly within financial markets) with a concentration on how they collide with other representational regimes, such as accounting (and here I am currently drawing in particular upon the City Lives oral history collection held within the British Library Sound Archive). This in turn leads to discussion of the linked conflict between Austrian economic theory, entrepreneurship, accounting and pricing behaviour. At the same time, I have been exploring how some pervasive tropes, such as coding or cost-benefit analysis, re-occur in both these fields and other, seemingly unrelated disciplines - which has led to examining connections from advertising to software and genomics (and back again, via memetics, evolutionary modelling and other contemporary socio-biological parables). This research is centred within critical management studies but also reaches into policy debates over issues such as sustainable accounting and entrepreneurship.

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