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Dr Kurt Richardson

Institution: Emergent Publications

City: Litchfield Pk

State: AZ

Country: USA

Kurt is an Engineer, Physicist and Publisher. As an engineer he has built data-driven web-based applications and has designed microchips for many companies including DIRECTV, Panasonic, Thuraya, SES, Lockheed Martin, SLAC, General Dynamics, and NASA. He was also a Senior Systems Analyst for NASA on their Gamma-Ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST, now Fermi). As a physicist he is an active researcher in fundamental complexity theory with a particular interest in the nature of boundaries, and the relationship between form and function in complex dynamical networks. As a publisher he owns and runs Emergent Publications which specializes in publishing academic works concerning Complex Systems Thinking. It's flagship publication is the international journal Emergence: Complexity & Organization.

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