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A case-study of the three largest aerospace manufacturing organizations

Many of the most successful firms have placed a strong emphasis on strategy. Strategies help decision-makers in organizations to think through what the organization needs to achieve and how these needs may be satisfied. This case study considers what... Read More



Complexity in a complex Europe

European Modernity is characterized by a fragmentation of knowledge and the raise of metaphysical methodology embedded in emerging rationalistic Science. Such developments represent some of the facets of the cultural evolution of Europe. In many case... Read More


Lessons from complexity

The last few decades have witnessed the development of a host of ideas aimed at understanding and predicting nature’s ever present complexity[1]. It is shown that such a work provides, through its detailed study of order and disorder, a suitabl... Read More


Emergence and evil

The production of biological weapons occurred in the Soviet Union on a vast scale of deadly effectiveness that is chilling and horrific. How could they do this? We are forced to take seriously the notion of evil. But, if we fail to address a central ... Read More