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Towards multi-faceted truth:

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Lifecycle assessment of biofuel production:

Can the mass utilization of biofuels help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels? Four particular types of biofuels have been the subject of extensive study in this regard: corn ethanol, sugar cane ethanol, cellulosic ethanol,... Read More


A complex evolutionary view of the origin and developments of organizational capabilities

Routines and organizational capabilities are central constructs in explanations of firms’ heterogeneity and sustained competitive advantage in industries and markets. Building on the foundational contribution of Nelson and Winter, the routines ... Read More


Complexity storytelling:

The art of communication and the science of complexity are intriguing areas of thought and practice that can be examined through storytelling. In an increasingly complex world with many voices, a deeper understanding of complexity communication provi... Read More


Achieving and sustaining high performance:

This paper describes how organizations experience self-organizing criticality in a crisis. Then it describes how the processes of many purposeful conversations can build the energy of self-organizing criticality to a level of high energy and creativi... Read More