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Social complexity theory for sense seeking:

This exposition considers perspectives underpinning contemporary leadership studies given we are located in what Hawking describes as the ‘century of complexity', also understood as a Knowledge Era. Social complexity as context allows considera... Read More


Interpreting "big history" as complex adaptive system dynamics with nested logistic transitions in energy flow and organization

Big History might be considered the study of an evolving, large, complex adaptive system with three very different phases progressing geometrically from the early universe to the present day. A geometrical progression rate would suggest transitions t... Read More


Two complexities:

This article reflects the division in the field of the study of complexity, between a mainly philosophical and epistemological approach (Edgar Morin called it “general complexity”) and a mainly scientific and methodological approach (call... Read More


Engaging alternative cognitive pathways for taming wicked problems:

I present a model of ’engagement’ to explain how strategic decision makers use different concepts simultaneously to tame wicked problems in a modern business environment. Attention is placed on ’framing’ and ’reframing&#... Read More


Does sustainability emerge from between the scales?

This paper applies systems thinking and emergence theory to present an understanding of sustainability in terms of the human actions and attitudes required for sustainability to emerge. Sustainability is viewed as an emergent quality that occurs when... Read More



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