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Networks, emergence, iteration and evolution
Volume: 11, Issue 4
Recognition that the reductionist approach to science leaves great gaps in our understanding has led to the synthesis approach to further explain the world around us. The synthetic approach examines the inter-relationships of individual entities as they interact to create complex networks. This approach spawned the creation of a new science—the study of Complex Systems. This article takes the concepts of Complexity Theory and hypothesizes a process of simple steps iterated many times over that explains the emergence of new entities and the evolution of our Universe. The concept of systems, emergence, iteration and evolution is proposed to explain the process underlying our evolving Universe. This process would be expected to leave fractal patterns in its wake. The fractal patterns are related to the shared tendencies for self-organization found in complex networks. The principles apply to all networks irrespective of their component parts and include both inanimate and living systems.