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I have been working in the arena of complexity for 23 years. I developed the Process Enneagram which seems to be a key missing link between complexity theory and practical application. I have used this tool as a plant manager and as a consultant. See and

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Dynamical organizations theory:
Volume: 19, Issue 3-4
This paper presents a new theory, the Dynamical Organizations Theory: Openness, Synthesis & Emergence for organizational change that is practical and proven in many organizations. It integrates the work of Ilia Prigogine on dissipative systems (open, free flow of information and energy into, out of and throughout the organization), and synthesizes Kevin J. Dooley’s discussion of complex adaptive systems, Jeffrey Goldstein’s discussions of dissipative structures and self-transcending constructs, Per Bak’s self-organizing criticality, John Bennett’s Systematics and uses Richard N. Knowles’ Process Enneagram, a disciplined, focused dialogue tool which leads to the emergence of new information and releases the creative energy of the people..Change is co-created by the people and emerges from focused, disciplined, bounded conversations using the Process Enneagram©, a dissipative tool, and is sustained using the co-created Process Enneagram Map, a dissipative structure, to guide and focus ongoing conversations as the people and their environment evolve. With the emergence of new information and energy, the people and their organization transform themselves, bridging the business and human sides of the enterprise, developing a highly effective, and more humane and sustainable workplace. Leading with this approach is called Partner-Centered Leadership

Self-Organizing Leadership
Volume: 4, Issue 4

Self-Organizing Leadership
Volume: 3, Issue 4