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Jagoda Kaszowska is Master in Mathematics (Jagellonian University) and B.A. in Economics (University of Alcala). Currently she is about to complete her PhD studies and to defend her thesis "The role of systemic risk in the origin, course and effects of financial crisis in the EU countries" under supervision of professor Andrzej Wojtyna. Since March 2014, she is also working on the project "Analysis of systemic risk in EU countries: Implications for Poland" (funded by National Science Centre) under his supervision.

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An agent-based model of population dynamics for the European regions
Volume: 17, Issue 2
The aims of this paper are to present and to discuss an agent-based model of population dynamics for the European regions at NUTS 3 level. It includes individuals that perform several activities with bounded rationality. The paper briefly discusses the latest novelties on this topic and then describes the processes to prepare a data base with the necessary information to feed and calibrate the model. Then it is presented the initialization module. It generates individual heterogeneity according to average and marginal aggregate distributions of the included variables that characterize the agents. In order to simulate the mechanisms of migration our model creates an artificial labor demand at regional level using simple but effective rules based on mainstream economic theory. The rest of the model is also presented: education, pairing, aging and deceases. A set of scenarios is defined and the regional aggregates are computed. Hence, the results are prepared to be visualized with tables, graphics and maps.