University of Auckland Business School, NZL


Dr Deborah Shepherd teaches and researches in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She currently teaches entrepreneurship at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. She is also a researcher in the area of social entrepreneurship, impact investing, entrepreneurial family business, and SME growth.



Social enterprise development in nonprofits
Volume: 20, Issue 3
The disruptive challenges of bringing commercial businesses models and associated processes into nonprofit organizations are often significantly underestimated. This article seeks to address the lack of understanding of the development of social enterprise within nonprofits. Specifically, how nonprofits introduce and accommodate a commercial business model into an organization with a social purpose is addressed. Additionally, the article seeks to consider the most significant changes made to accommodate the business model alongside the social purpose. This research provides further clarity on the introduction and accommodation of a social enterprise within an existing nonprofit. Using the concept of the structural attractor, the model offered expands the work of a number of complexity writers into the specific context of social enterprise within a non-profit.