Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad


Dr. Debadutta K Panda is Associate Professor of Economics & Strategy, and Chairperon of Department of General Management at Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Hyderabad, India. Dr. Panda is a post-graduate in Management studies and doctorate in economics. He has worked for public sector, private sector and non-profit organizations. He had conducted consulting assignments for agencies like Asian Development Bank, World Bank, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Industrial Development Programme, World Wide Fund for Nature, Vedanta Aluminum etc. He has authored two books and more than 30 research papers. He teaches strategic management, strategy implementation and control, industrial organizations and business economics.

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Organizational collaboration, hybrid structure, governance and value creation:
Volume: 17, Issue 4
This study was conducted to understand the various causalities and consequences of the hybrid structure and governance under public private partnerships (PPPs). Narrations pertaining to the central question of the research were collected from senior officials from PPPs in India, including executives from public agencies and private agencies. The grounded theory approach was used to analyze the narrations. Classical content analysis, selective coding and axial coding methods were used for data analysis.Complementary assets and capabilities among organizations, and inability to carry out project as a stand alone organization were the major casualties of the PPP structure. There were two dimensions of governance complexity, i.e. (i) Uninterpretable rules, policies, systems, and (ii) unexpected actions/decisions in uncertainty, in the PPP structure. The causalities in the complexity of the governance of the hybrid PPP structure were (i) organizational attributes, (ii) stakeholders’ expectations, (iii) power of control, (iv) institutional logic, (v) strategic decision making, and (vi) contract management. The attributes to the complex PPP governance system were, trust, ego, interpretation of complex operational phenomenon, mechanism to address risks and uncertainty and Interdependencies and reciprocity.