Curtin University, AUS


Ali Sumner is a PhD candidate at the School of Management, Faculty of Business and Law Curtin University Western Australia, working towards submitting her PhD Thesis in mid-2019. The results of her research focus on what happens when work teams use Edward de Bono’s thinking tools in a business organisation context, with implications for Complexity Leadership. She has a Master of Leadership and Business (Curtin University) and Graduate Certificate in Business Management (University of Western Australia). As an accredited instructor in Edward de Bono’s proprietary training programs, since 2001 she has trained thousands of adults in the use of de Bono’s thinking tools. Ali has been a CEO, Chairperson or Director of not-for-profit organisations for over 30 years and is a trained Social Return on Investment (SROI) analyst. Currently she is a Director on the national Board of the not-for-profit Social Impact Measurement Network of Australia (SIMNA) and Chair of Green World Revolution (GWR) which she co-founded with Toby Whittington in 2012.



Exploring the enabling function of complexity leadership, with a theoretical/praxis-based partnership ... down on the farm
Volume: 20, Issue 3
The authors of this paper are also the co-founders of GWR, therefore for easier understanding of both the theoretical constructs and real-time issues covered in this paper the authors are referred to as F1 and F2. Furthermore, the growth of GWR over a five-year period was informed by theoretical constructs drawn from work conducted by F2 as a PhD candidate. These constructs also informed the theoretical development of this paper. The case study presented in this paper was also informed by the lived experience of F1 and F2 as they applied enabling leadership behaviors with their work as co-founders and CEO (F1) and Chairperson (F2) of GWR.